COVID On-Campus Testing and Vaccination Services

On this page you will find information on regular testing and vaccination for students and staff.

LFD Collect: a service enabling you to test for COVID twice weekly at home

About the scheme

Under arrangements agreed for Scottish universities, students and staff without COVID symptoms are able to collect lateral flow devices (LFDs) on campus for routine twice weekly testing at home.  Throughout October, the on-campus collection point is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am - 4pm. 

It is quick and easy to do a self-administered lateral flow test, and the kits offered as part of this service require only a nasal swab ie a throat swab is not required.  Full instructions are provided in each kit. (Read more about the testing process).

Testing is voluntary, but is an important part of the Scottish Government’s approach to containing the COVID virus. Around 1 in 3 people with coronavirus do not show symptoms, so can spread the virus to others without knowing. Regular testing helps to find positive cases in people who have no symptoms, but who are still infectious. If people who test positive self-isolate, we can break chain of transmission and help limit the spread of coronavirus.

Where to find the test kit collection point on campus

The LFD kit collection point is found just inside the main entrance to the University, at the desk opposite the main reception. You will be able to collect a box containing seven tests.  

Reporting your results and acting on them

It is important that you report each test result online to NHS Test and Trace, whether positive, negative or void. Reporting takes only a minute or two, and Instructions for doing this come with the testing kits. Reporting results helps the NHS monitor the spread of the virus, combat the virus and save lives.  Please see the NHS Track and Trace Privacy Notice Summary to find out how they use your personal data.

It is important that all students and staff testing themselves twice-weekly at home arrange to self-isolate immediately in the event of a positive test, and order a confirmatory PCR test.  If you do register a positive result, please let us know, as per the instructions in our staff and student coronavirus FAQs, so that we can provide pastoral support and further advice. Even if the test result is negative, you should continue to test yourself twice weekly.

LFD Collect FAQS

If you would like more information, see our testing FAQs.

Others ways of obtaining lateral flow devices for home testing

Please remember too that you do not need to travel to campus to obtain lateral flow devices.  Each of us can obtain free LFD testing kits for use at home through pharmacies, community testing sites and online.  

COVID vaccination for students and staff

At the start of semester, we hosted a drop-in COVID vaccination centre on campus. Though this clinic is now closed, there are still drop-in clinics locally. You can find details of drop-in clinics in this area on the NHS Lothian website. See also FAQs from NHS Lothian.

You can find details of drop-in clinics across Scotland  on the NHS Inform website.  These are open to everyone, regardless of where they live. There is information on vaccines for international students on the Student Information Scotland website, and international students can find further guidance at our coronavirus FAQs webpage.  

By getting the vaccine as soon as you can, you will help to reduce the risk of COVID and keep Scotland on track.



We do hope that you will participate in twice-weekly testing, whether you obtain test kits on campus or elsewhere, and that you act to get vaccinated as soon as possible, if you are not vaccinated currently.  Your actions will help to keep us all safe. 

Thank you for your support to reduce the risk of COVID and keep Scotland on track.


FAQs on  regular COVID testing