Got a question about LFD Collect, the scheme for asymptomatic COVID testing at home? You'll find answers to most common queries and concerns below.   

Why should I take regular tests?

Regular testing can help reassure you that you are unlikely to be infectious and are therefore unlikely to pass on COVID to others.  You can have no symptoms but still spread the virus. Please note though, that a negative lateral flow test result is not an absolute guarantee that you do not have COVID.

Even if you have been fully vaccinated, you may still be at risk of falling ill or experiencing long-term effects of COVID. Regular testing alongside vaccination are key parts of keeping ourselves and our community safe. 

Where can I collect tests from?

There is a collection point in the atrium, just inside the main entrance, opposite the reception desk.

How often should I take the test?

Twice weekly, and preferably on the same days each week.

How do I take the test?

These tests are ACON Flowflex nose-only tests. You can download a guide to using them in various formats from the UK Government website or watch the video guide on YouTube.

How long does it take for the results to show?

The test results will show after 15 minutes. The test result must be read within 30 mins or the result will be void.

What do I do if my result is negative?

You should report your results to Track and Trace online. If your coronavirus lateral flow test is negative, it’s likely that you are not infectious. However, a negative test is not a guarantee and there is still a chance that you may be infectious. Keep following coronavirus advice, including:

  • Regular handwashing
  • Avoiding being too close to people, and avoiding crowded places
  • Wearing a face covering where recommended

If you have been traced as a contact of someone who has tested positive, you may need to self-isolate. Find out more at

What do I do if my result is positive?

You should self-isolate immediately and get a confirmatory PCR test. Please also tell the University as per the guidance on the staff and student coronavirus FAQs so that we can provide pastoral support and further advice.

What if I don’t want to take a test?

Taking a test is not a mandatory requirement, but we do very strongly encourage you to do so.

Can I still get tests elsewhere through the government programme?

Yes. Lateral Flow Device (LFD) kits can be ordered for delivery or collected from your nearest pharmacy if that is more convenient to you. Further information is available on the Scottish Government website.

Will the University know the result of my test?

No. The test is personal to you. We will not be informed of your test results. However, if you test positive,  you are asked to please get a confirmatory PCR test, to self isolate and tell the University as per the guidance on the staff and student coronavirus FAQs.

You should always report your results to Track and Trace online.

Should I take the test if I have symptoms?

Please self isolate, get a PCR test, and tell the University as per the guidance on the staff and student coronavirus FAQs.

I’ve had COVID. Should I take the test?

Anyone who has had a positive PCR result in the last 90 days should not take the test.  You should wait until 90 days have lapsed.

What happens if my test is void?

This means that the test has not worked properly. Please report the result to Track and Trace online and take another test, with a new test kit.  Do not reuse anything from the first test kit.





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