Research from QMU's Consumer Dispute Resolution Centre has stimulated a broad culture change in complaints handling and investigation, to welcome complaints and then apply them to improve both in services and in customer complaints experiences.  It has resulted in improved systems and processes, and professionalised complaint investigation in the UK and internationally. In addition, its research has resulted in improved consumer representation within the payment industry.  It identified the need for a culture change in organisations which could be partly addressed by having consumer representatives at board level, at the heart of decision making. 

"With the inexorable influence of technology enabling ever faster change in the ways people access and use payment services, and financial services generally, the need for effective engagement of end users in decision making is more critical than ever. To help understand how best to achieve that aim Bacs worked with the Consumer Dispute Resolution Centre at Queen Margaret University. The resulting report provided an excellent review of the strengths and weaknesses of different representation mechanisms and led to an effective overhaul of Bacs' different governance and representative structures. CDRC brought an excellent balance of academic rigour with practical experience of governance to produce recommendations that were clear and deliverable."
Anne Pieckielon, Director of Product and Strategy, Bacs Payment Schemes Ltd




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