The Person-centred Practice Theoretical Framework has been developed by leading researchers at QMU. Its influence is far-reaching and the Centre for Person-centred Practice leads a network of stakeholders that stretches from QMU across the world.  Impact is focused on healthcare policy, practice and education development. For instance, person-centredness and the Person-centred Practice Framework underpin a national practice development programme commissioned by the Chief Nurse and housed within the national Quality Improvement Programme in the Republic of Ireland's HSE Programme; they form the core theoretical ideas shaping the Doctoral Programme Curriculum in the University of South East Norway.  The UK Health Foundation have acknowledge the Person-centred Framework and associated resources as part of their international directory on person-centre care and the Framework underpins a programme to radically redesign primary healthcare services funded by the Malaysian Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation.



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 Professor Brendan McCormack

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